1. Free delivery case:

– Applies to orders over $100
– Delivery method: door-to-door delivery

– Delivery time:

+ Available goods: 1-2 days (depending on the location of delivery), excluding weekends and holidays.

+ Ordered goods: 3-8 days (depending on the location of receipt), excluding weekends and holidays.

– Delivery immediately after receiving an advance of 40% of the customer’s order value for products ordered with express delivery customers.

2. In case of delivery charge:

– Customers who need urgent delivery and are not in the free delivery area above, we will arrange personnel to deliver to the customer’s address. In this case, shipping costs will be calculated based on the distance from the nearest store to the customer’s pick-up location. This cost will be agreed with the customer in advance before being delivered.


– You check the goods when receiving the goods. If there are any problems with the goods (not the right model, type, broken, dented, …) then the customer needs to report it to the delivery staff and notify us for hotline: +47 291 72 581
– After signing to receive the goods without any other feedback, we will not be responsible for return requests due to damage, scratches, dents, wrong goods, …

If you have technical problems, please contact: +47 291 72 581 so that we can help you.