REFUND POLICY will exchange/return goods and refund customers in the following cases:

The product delivered is not according to the order
You think the product delivered to you does not match the order? Please contact us as soon as possible, our system will check if your item was sent by mistake. In that case, we will replace the exact item you requested (when in stock).
Product purchased is faulty
Please check the product before paying. In case the product is damaged in transit, please refuse and return the product to Also notify Customer Support Center +47 291 72 581 will send you a replacement item.
Conditions of return and exchange
Terms of return time:
Within 7 days of receiving the goods.
Product conditions
The goods are complete with parts, no signs of excessive use or damage.
There are full accompanying documents (purchase invoices, catalogs…) and accessories, gifts (if any).
Customer bears shipping costs for exchange and return.
In case the above conditions are not met, the right to decide to exchange or return goods belongs to